The UGG-family

UGGUGG is a quite unusual trademark case. On the one hand, the trademark is a generic name in Australia and New Zealand for sheepskin boots. Outside these countries, UGG is a quite strong and well-known trademark registered in the name of Deckers Outdoot Corporation.
More or less the same applies to the design of the shoes. Whereas the design remembers us directly to the “real” UGG-boots, in the market there are many UGG alike shoes.
The design of the basic UGG-shoe has not been protected (as far as we could see) by Deckers. This would also make no sense, as this design is not new. All other (new) shoes are registered in the EU as design.
In their IP portfolio Deckers is now welcoming a new trademark to the IP-family: the 3D design of the UGG-shoe, the one with one knot (see above). And with UGG on the back (otherwise, the 3D mark would probably be rejected). This new member is probably carefully chosen: this trademark is an interesting weapon against counterfeit. Or against lookalikes that resemble too much the original UGG-boot.

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