There can be only One Drive

one driveDanish cloud storage provider is thinking of suing Microsoft over their rebranded SkyDrive

Microsoft is facing trademark infringement claims after renaming its cloud file share and sync service from SkyDrive to OneDrive.

Danish hosting company has been offering similar cloud-based file storage services under the banner Cloud Drive for some time. They now claim Microsoft’s OneDrive could confuse customers.

This is quite the blow for Microsoft, as they have been ordered by the High Court of Justice of England and Wales in 2013, to change the name of SkyDrive after it was ruled the name meant it could be mistaken for a service offered by broadcaster BSkyB.’s claim is broadly similar, although COO Thomas Medard Frederiksen told Cloud Pro the firm was consulting with “trademark experts” and would not comment on whether it would be pursuing legal action. Frederiksen states: “We think OneDrive is a name that is very close to our company name and that, combined with the fact that our product is in the same area we think it could be confusing for our clients.”

Frederiksen also claimed his concerns were backed up by real examples of confusion between the two products.

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