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//This screams infringement

This screams infringement

The makers of the “Scream mask” are trying to stop Boston Celtics player Terry Rozier’s use of the copyrighted image.

Rozier, whose nickname is “Scary Terry,” has been supplementing his $3.1 million salary by hawking merchandise printed with a cartoon image of himself wearing the mask from the 1996 cult slasher movie “Scream”.  The sweatshirt and T-shirt line has been quite a hit.

After the NBA-player posted a shot of himself in the mask on Instagram, his merchandise became almost instantly popular. Five hundred sweatshirts and T-shirts were printed which sold out in about two days.

But Easter Unlimited, Inc. claims the image isn’t Rozier’s to use, because they have two registered trademarks related to the mask. They’re suing him in Brooklyn Federal Court for copyright infringement and want Rozier to hand over his “wrongful profits.”

Let’s see if Rozier is easily scared.

Erwin Hauër

“Hope is not a strategy.”



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