Three stripes: The Story.

We often post about about brand names: what they mean, where they originate from. The history behind a brand at least as interesting as how and what a brand is doing now. / Knijff Trademark Attorneys was very excited to receive “The Story As Told By Those Who Have Lived And Are Living It”, a Big Black Book from adidas (thanks adidas!). 650 pages and heavy!!

The book is packed in a gorgeous, minimalistic black cardboard box, as if you bought a slick pair of sneakers. Both the box as well as the book have, of course, the iconic three stripes on them. Even the bookmarks are ‘three stripes’ (nice detail).

Written and compiled by Keith Cooper and published by adidas, the book is a massive and  extensive catalog of adidas’s history in the sporting and lifestyle world.

As one of the world’s biggest and longest standing sports brands, the book contains sports history, written on the world’s greatest sporting events.

The book gives a full view of the development and evolution of the world famous ‘three-stripe brand’. Furthermore, it contains interviews with some of the world’s greatest athletes.

The book – for now at least – is a promotional item and will not be commercially available.



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