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tinder-logoTinder is all about… well… let’s call it ‘matches’. But Tinder doesn’t match with everyone. This year WildFireWeb, Inc. filed a lawsuit in a US Federal court against Tinder, Inc. over trademark infringement of its registered Tinder® trademark.

WildFireWeb, Inc. has a cloud based content management software system called Tinder, that enables schools and school districts, non-profit organizations, individuals and businesses to manage their own website content and features.

The Tinder trademark and graphic was designed by WildFireWeb in 2007. The company has been using the Tinder name and logo in commerce since February 2010, and obtained a US Federal trademark registration in July 2011 for the word Tinder®.

Tinder, Inc. started using the name Tinder in August 2012 for its dating application as well as for its website and obtained a US Federal trademark registration in February 2014.

WildFireWeb believes that Tinder, Inc.’s use of the Tinder mark, harms its trademark and the ability to promote and market its Tinder software. Although the fact that Tinder is often associated with ‘sex dating’ has not been stated at this time, it may be an extra argument for WildFireWeb to stop Tinder’s path.

Tinder has acquired a lot of attention since it started. It is interesting to see how it is going to handle this matter.

To be continued…

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