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anne_frankThe Anne Frank tourism has expanded enormously in recent years. For instance, the ancient home of Anne in Frankfurt am Main, is heavily promoted by the city as a tourist attraction. Her former home at the Merwedeplein in Amsterdam has been returned in its original condition to attract visitors.

Recently a snack bar has been up for sale. Allegedly, this is the place Anne used to go for ice cream. For more than 100.000 euros you can buy the Oasis snack bar, and exploit it as a Anne Frank ‘attraction’.

Jan Erkelens, current owner of the Oasis snack bar, thinks the establishments sits on a pot of gold: “The new owner can organize a bus tour. Tourists can take over an ice cream at the place where Anne Frank ever ate one. Personally, I did not earn my money this way, but it can be done.” Yeah, right. Erkelens is currently in talks with ten entrepreneurs who want to take over the establishment.

Next year is going to be an interesting year: in 2015 the copyrights on the diaries of Anne Frank expire. This means anyone can use the source texts. By the way, this does not necessarily mean that everyone can use the name “Anne Frank” commercially. The Anne Frank Stichting owns a large number of trademarks for the word ANNE FRANK for, amongst others, dvd’s, books and education.


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