To be or not to be inspired

Fashion icons to be, big clothing companies like H&M, Zara and Levi’s are always watching the markets and especially young designers. Missing a new trend is missing a sales opportunity.

And maybe it is an art of its own, picking up ideas and introducing this design just slightly different from the original. Of course, the different elements differ just enough to remain on the safe side, legally

Although our heart lies with the young designers, lawsuits between these designers and large clothing firms do not happen that often.

A young French designer Velveltine wanted to break with this tradition and went to court against the Spanish company Mango. At stake: the bags as shown (left Velvetine, right Mango).

A brave decision, but unfortunately with a negative outcome. The French court was of the opinion that the bag did not constitute an infringement of their rights. Velvetine has announced on her blog that she will appeal the decision. Meanwhile a war has been unleashed by Velvetine and sympathisants through social media against Mango. The courtroom is not the only place to have a fight.

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