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Trademark law has its weird cases: there’s the one with the man that claims to own the rights to the smiley (no, not Forrest Gump). Do you have a smiley in your trademark? He will sue you. And the guy who claims to have trademark rights to “http://www”. Domain name owners worldwide, beware. But now there is “Alarm Guy”.

His name is Tony Dribbleworth from Sheffield (UK). He is planning to sue alarm clock manufacturers worldwide. Why, you say? The horrific sound most alarm clocks make in the morning: well, Tony composed it. So he claims.

Dribbleworth claims he created the tune in 1980. The disturbing cacophony – a cross between an electronic screech and a duck quacking – is apparently the work of Dribbleworth. He says to have created it while playing for his Sheffield based band, Interference during the late seventies.

“Our track, Screech, has that soundtrack running through it,” said Dribbleworth. “It took me weeks to get the level of screech just right on the synthesiser. Now every time I wake up, I hear the track I created blaring at me. I just want what I’m owed.”

From a legal point of view, this can be interesting. Although it it still to be seen if Dribbleworth has a solid case.

From a human point of view: believes it is Dribbleworth who owes us. That terrible sounds should never have been created. People worldwide have woken up cranky for years, because of it.

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