Van Persie Jersey

How about that Van Persie? His goal against Spain in the first round of the World Cup has become a trademark dive. In fact, it has become a real trademark. noticed a recent trademark application for the silhouette of the Dutch striker diving for the header, seeking to protect it for amongst other clothing and sportswear. The owner, Klupp Sportwear, is now selling t-shirts under the name Van Persie Jersey.

It is very questionable whether Van Persie has authorised this. Of course, you can debate whether a specific move (in football) van be claimed as a trademark. But is is undoubtedly so, that it is recognisable as Van Persie. Futhermore, the name Van Persie Jersey seems like unauthorised use of Robin Van Persie’s name.

However, from a trademark perspective, it is going to be a difficult battle, since, unfortunately, Van Persie has not registered his name as a trademark.

This proves once more that there are always going to be clever people out there, trying to make a profit. And that’s fine of course. But let’s wait and see how Robin Van Persie thinks about this.

Van Persie Jersey

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