//Village named Asbestos changes name

Village named Asbestos changes name

The Canadian mining village of Asbestos wants to change its name. According to the mayor, the name limits the economic growth of the village. The village’s name is – obviously – linked to “asbestos”, a substance that used to be widely used in the construction industry.

The village got its name because of its location next to one of the largest asbestos mines in the world. The mine was permanently closed in 2012.

Since then, the village, with its seven thousand inhabitants, has been trying to develop economically. According to the villagers, this has proven impossible due to the name.

For many years now, the use of asbestos is prohibited, as exposure to its fibres poses serious health risks. For example, it can cause malignant conditions such as asbestos cancer, a type of lung cancer that is associated with the exposure to asbestos fibers.

After years of discussion, the mayor of Asbestos has announced that he wants to change the name. The inhabitants of the village have a say in the new name. The history of Asbestos must be taken into account, according to the mayor.

The new name of Asbestos is expected to be announced next year.

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