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Virgin Holidays is thinking about legal a cation against the talent show The Voice UK over an alleged copyright infringement.

The Voice UK is a talent show. A great part of the show is aired from the, so called, V-Room: the “bright red nerve-centre of internet chatter”, in which a presenter discusses social media activity around the show.

Virgin now claims that they have been operating ‘v-room’ branded lounges at Gatwick and Manchester airports in the UK for the past four years: “These lounges are exclusively for the use of Virgin Holidays customers and are designed to give them a spacious and well-appointed area with a free buffet, a gaming zone for the kids, a space for infants and a bar for the adults, in which to relax with their families prior to catching their flight”, according to a Virgin spokesman.

Virgin is now afraid that customers will be confused. Maybe not because of the show, but in online conversations. In social media it may not always be quite clear what V-Room people are talking about. thinks Virgin’s claim will be hard to uphold in court: a trademark consisting of a single letter and a descriptive suffix, will be very hard to protect. But classes between large companies are always interesting to watch. To be continued. Maybe.

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