What does the Apple logo look like?

Some brands are so famous, almost everyone in the world knows them. Well, do they really…? Can you draw the Chanel logo from the top of your head? And how about the MasterCard logo? Does it have a yellow and red circle, or a red and yellow circle?
A recent study by three psychologists from the University of California (UCLA) shows that we are not very good in remembering the details of famous brands.
The psychologists asked a study group to draw the Apple logo from the top of their head. The results were stunning: only 1 out of 85 people was right, although many of the people in the study owned Apple products.
Jij weet precies hoe het logo van Apple eruitziet. Toch? - NRC Q
The UCLA ‘blames’ overstimulation of the brain. If people are confronted with famous marks on a daily basis, only the most important elements are stored in the brain. The details are getting lost.
In IP law we call this “imperfect recollection”. It refers to the fact that in a trademark infringement you may not put both trademarks side to side and meticulously assess alle the similarities and differences, since this is not how the consumer brain works. We remember brands and brand elements, but when asked to remember them our recollection is… well imperfect. So, the assessment has to be made globally.
Try for yourselves. Which one is the correct and genuine famous trademark?

Source: nrcq.nl

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