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There was a time when telecom companies earned millions of dollars of people texting each other. Normal telephone calls were also a reliable revenue. Nowadays, when we buy the latest smartphone we look which provider has the most interesting data plan.

The decline of the paid text messages can be explained by the popularity of texting apps: the user can send messages for free with these apps. WhatsApp is one of the most famous of these apps. Since the introduction of this app in 2009 it has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times in the several app stores. And as a trademark attorney you know: everything that is popular will be copied.

And this a real problem for WhatsApp. For example, you can download apps like “Whatsapp Nearby”, “Whatsapp Friends” and “Whatsapp Add Me”. These apps have nothing to do with the original company.

A growing problem since objecting these kind of copycats by filing complaints with the different app stores has not always the desired result. Moreover, starting law suits is not always easy when the makers of the app are domiciled in countries far away. In the event you have a moment, MarkMatters.com can recommend reading an article of the Wall Street Journal on this subject.

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