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Pernod Ricard’s Absolut division is suing a US liquor distributor over infringing the trademarks on its coffee liqueur brand Kahlua.

Happy Hearts Wine – a New York orthodox Jewish distributor of kosher drinks – is selling a coffee liqueur named Kahfua. Pernod Ricard claims that the brands are way too similar, and that the Kafua bottle mimics Absolut’s distinctive packaging.

Kahlua has been on the market since 1938 and forms a key recipe in a large number of famous cocktails, such as White Russian, Black Russian and Mudslide.

The liqueur is the number one brand of coffee liqueur in the US as well as the sixth biggest-selling liqueur brand worldwide, selling almost 20 million bottles in 2013. A big piece of the liqueur pie.

Happy Hearts Wine started distributing Kahfua this spring.

Pernod Ricard is trying to stop the sales of Kahfua and asks for $2.000.000,00 in statutory damages per counterfeit mark.

We believe that Pernod Ricard would have too big of a problem getting Kahfua of the market. It is clearly a copycat trying to ride the coat tails of the market leader. This is an Absolut infringement.

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