Who’s BOB?

Who is BOB? Bob is (in some European countries) the name of a person who stays sober during parties, nights out etc. Because Bob is the driver of the group. But Bob is also:

Well, we presume that this is Bob as BOB is written below in this EU trademark application, followed by Bring Our Bottles (which, yes, is an abbreviation of BoB).

“Sober” Bob was invented by the Belgian government in cooperation with the police and the beer industry to create awareness of the dangers of alcohol and traffic. Bob was a great success and was quickly picked up in the Netherlands and other European countries such as Germany.
Bob is sober and will certainly not drink wine when he has to drive in a car. Therefore, Bob has some problems with Bob Wines, definitely not a trademark to be associated with. But strictly legal, services in the field of an awareness campaign are not quit similar to the name of a wine. While these trademarks are surely contradictory, confusion is not directly at hand.
However, the Belgian authorities have registered the BOB trademark for a larger specification of goods and services. For example, also for goods and services in the field of alcohol, the not-to-be-associated-with products. Of course, the use requirements are a hurdle, especially in the EU, but defensive registrations may help time to time as Bob Wines was rejected.

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