Who’s the boss?

Who's the boss?The owner of the trademark rights is the person who has the power in his hands. This is especially important in cases of a fight between parties within a corporation. Of course, this sounds logical, but if you just see how often trademark fights concern the question who owns the trademark rights, you will see that this simple but important fact is often overseen. Mainly due to disregard during the start of the company or misplaced confidence.

Take DJ Jeffrey Sutorius who was the front person of DJ collective Dash Berlin. This DJ has now left Dash Berlin for a number of reasons. However, the DASH BERLIN trademark is not registered in his name but only in the name of his former companions. That is of course a big problem as he does not have any leverage or (on paper) any right to the trademark.

A good manager for a DJ has contacts with a good trademark attorney: the attorney will advise on the question who has to be the owner of the trademark, crucial as this owner will own the exclusive rights.

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