Will Madrid host the 20020 Olympics?

Athletes are preparing themselves for the upcoming Olympic Games in London.

Others, who may have missed the boat this time, are setting their goals on Rio 2016. And while 2020 seems far away, six cities are competing for the Grandmother of all sporting events: Tokyo, Rome, Istanbul, Madrid, Doha (Qatar) and Baku (Azerbaijan).

But now the organizing committee in Madrid made a bit of a mistake with their logo.

The committee has released its “Madrid 2020-logo”. A stylized letter M (for Madrid of course) and the number 20 in front of the Olympics colors, stylized into arches representing Puerta de Alcala, a Madrid landmark.

One small problem, though: the bottoms of the numbers and letter have been lopped off and it appears that the number is 20020 rather than 2020. Oops….

Within hours of the unveiling of the logo, the majority of the reactions were negative. But there is another issue.

The logo is not seen as being faithful to the original colors of the Olympic rings. It lacks the color black, that is meant to symbolize the African continent. Black has been changed to pink.

A bit of of a design flaw. Hopefully, this will not have a negative influence on their bid, or else it would be quite an expensive ‘mistake’.

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