With wine, you can.

Soup used to be sold in a can. Now it’s sold in bags. Wine used to be sold in bottles, but now you can buy it in a ‘paint can’. Well, when it’s up to Paradocx Vineyard, you can only buy their wine in paint cans.

In 2007 Pennsylvania-based Paradocx Vineyard has been selling their wines in a paint can. The appearance and name are protected by various intellectual property rights. It does sound original, doesn’t it? Now the vineyard is suing Lithuanian ad agency McCann Vilnius.

The ad and design agency released wine in a paint can earlier this year; a limited edition wine packaging for the new batch of Beaujolais Nouveau. The agency now faces a law suit based on design patent and trademark infringement and unfair competition.

Although it remains to be seen whether a ‘wine can’ is really that original, it is of course more than logical for Paradocx Vineyard trying to keep ‘their’ idea to themselves. Ideas cannot be protected, but the practical outcome of the ideas often can.

If this really goes to trail, we’ll let you know. We are very curious if a judge will consider the paint can half empty of half full.

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