World Intellectual Property Day 2013

Happy World Intellectual Property Day 2013 everyone! This is the one day IP attorneys look out for the whole year. This is the day. Our day.

So, what is World IP Day anyways? On April 26 every year, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day in order to promote discussion of the role of intellectual property in encouraging innovation and creativity. Yes, IP needs promotion. Big time.

This years theme – because no great party without a theme – is “Creativity: the next generation”. What will the future look like? And, more importantly, what will IP look like in the next five to ten years.

Is the rest of the world joining the Madrid Agreement and Protocol? Is a CTM going to be free of charge? And will the EU continue to grow? Will genuine use in Malta suffice for maintaining a CTM registration? Will we finally know which goods and services are IP Translator-proof, and which not? Will there still be a Benelux trademark? Are aliens taking over the world and will a CTM consequently automatically extend to other galaxies as well?

Who knows? Let’s just celebrate this day. Have a drink (or two) and enjoy the fact that we IP folks have such a great job!

From all of us at and Knijff: Cheers!

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