Wrang or wrong?

cached.imagescaler.hbpl.co.ukFor marketing departments and advertising companies the starting point for a new campaign or positioning is the trademark of the client. Is it possible to use the word or logo maybe, to communicate a certain feeling in a campaign?

Some advertisers take it a step further and ‘play’ with the logo or create an equivalent. Both elements are incorporated into the latest campaign of Wrangler. Positive issues are put aside negative issues: BBQ sausages versus an instant mircowave dinner, dancing on a festival versus standing in a crowded bus. Wrangler versus Wrongler. Of course, Wrangler is connected to the positive lifestyle choices.

Nice idea but rather risky in respect to the trademark Wrangler: this enhances the dilution of the mark. In this case, dilution could take place on two levels: a (negative) look-a-like (Wrongler) is introduced and this image is depicted in the original Wrangler logo. So, possible dilution of the word and logo.

Of course, Wrangler is a strong brand and it can deal with a small bit of dilution, but the ultimate goal of trademark protection is to maximise protection of your mark as much as possible. You might wonder whether this campaign will help to achieve that goal.

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