You ain't nothing but a Hamdog

You ain't nothing but a HamdogAn Australian man has received a patent on snack combination of a hamburger and a hotdog: the Hamdog. Yes, really.
Mark Murray from ‘down under’ has managed to get a patent on a snack that contains a combination of a hamburger and a hot dog. The idea for the so called Hamdog was pitched by Mark Murray in the tv program Shark Tank, in which entrepreneurs try to find funding for their businesses. During the show the judges told him that it was impossible to get a patent, or that it required “very expensive lawyers”.
But that didn’t stop Murray, who already was granted a patent in the USA. Meanwhile patented Hamdog can be found in local markets and festivals.
So what is a hamdog exactly? The snack has the length of a hot dog and the width of a hamburger. The burger is cut in half and a hotdog is placed in the middle. On top of that: lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles. You can pick three different sauces.
The sandwich for the Hamdog is made by hand in a bakery in Perth, Australia. This makes the snack quite expensive (about EUR 5,40), but Murray is busy with the development of a machine that can make the rolls on a larger scale. And he will probably find a way to patent that as well.

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