You look like an ass today

Tori LaConsay lives in Atlanta, USA. In the East Village to be exact. A small community. In december 2008 Tori painted a love letter to her neighborhood on a sign on a main road.

The sign read: “You Look Nice Today” followed by a little heart. Recently, Tori’s friends have been sending her links to the H&M UK website; H&M appears to be using the sign on pillowcases and doormats.

After reporting this, H&M responded as follows: “We employ an independent team of over 100 designers. We can assure you that this design has not been influenced by your work and that no copyright has been infringed.” But comparing the two designs, you cannot help but wonder where H&M got their inspiration.

Tori’s initial idea was to give a small gesture back to the neighborhood she so loves, hoping it would make her neighbors feel good. The fact dat H&M simply stole her idea, without any credit or compensation, upsets her. And with her a lot of other people.

E-mail of angry Tori-supporter (to H&M): “Your “You Look Nice Today” rug and pillow design has been stolen from an artist based in the US named Tori LaConsay. Shame on you for hiring such lazy designers! Tori deserves to be compensated! Until there is something done, I will no longer be shopping with H&M”.

H&M’s reply: “Thank you for you email regarding our “You Look Nice Today” items. We are sorry to hear that you will no longer be shopping with us.”

It seems though that H&M is seeking dialog with Tori LaConsay. We guess they must have at least one lazy designer.


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