Your Bank of America loves trademark parodies. Most of the times they are funny, sometimes critical and always legally interesting.

In this edition, a marvelous professionally made parody site of the Bank of America. After the financial crises banks do not have a very good reputation and one reflects in criticism such as this site that shows how Your Bank of America could be.

The site shows the missteps of the Bank of America and invites visitors to share their ideas about what a taxpayer-owned Bank of America should do. Already hundreds comments and suggestions have been sent in such as “I want my bank to stop stealing my money” and “I want my bank to not lock me into financial products or pressure me to invest in something I don’t want”. Seems reasonable demands to us.

As generally such criticism is allowed under free speech this could be limited in the event the parody is violent or damaging for the trademark. Neither of this is at hand to our opinion in this case. Nevertheless, a spokesman from Bank of America stressed that the site is not affiliated with the company and has no other comment. Hopefully the Bank of America will take a look at the suggestions, maybe they can use some suggestions to turn their reputation into a good one.

Source: CNN

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