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Can you infringe your own copyright? That interesting question surrounds former Creedence Clearwater Revival singer John Fogerty.

The United States Supreme Court is examining a somewhat obscure corner of copyright law. So, what’s the case?

In April 1970 Fogerty released the single “Run Through the Jungle”. Later, in 1985, Fogerty released a solo track called “The Old Man Down the Road.”

Although “The Old Man Down the Road” is a pretty nice song, at least one person disagreed: Saul Zaentz, owner of CCR, Fogerty’s old record label that owned the copyright to “Run Through the Jungle.” Zaentz felt that “The Old Man Down the Road” was simply “Run Through the Jungle” with different words. In other words, John Fogerty had plagiarized a John Fogerty song to which he didn’t own the copyright.

So, Zaentz sued Forgerty for copyright infringement.

On a side note, the law suit may have something to do with Fogerty and Zaentz not getting along real well. And this may have something to do with Fogerty releasing tracks (on the same 1985 album) called “Mr. Greed” and “Zanz Kant Danz.” Clearly pointed attacks on Zaentz.

What do you think? Listen and decide for yourself:

Run Through The Jungle[youtube v=”EbI0cMyyw_M”]

The Old Man Down The Road[youtube v=”9nBezubNqCY”]

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