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Knijff is a leading trademark firm based in the Dutch historic town of Weesp. We serve more than 2,000 high-profile clients with characteristic trademarks. We have grown to meet the high demands of our industry through our personal approach and professional expertise. Our experienced trademark attorneys will register and protect your product names, images (logos), company names and product designs. In the Benelux and in the rest of the world. So you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.

We will check the availability of your logo, product or company name and help you obtain and maintain maximum protection.


Do you want to protect your name as a DJ or band? Then read how trademark registration can benefit you. Identity and originality deserve to be protected and at Knijff we take great pleasure in serving both popular and lesser-known artists.

Your name is your fame, protect it!


A note to all growers, breeders and suppliers in the horticultural industry: in addition to the plant breeders’ rights, it is important that you protect the tradename of your cultivar. Ensure you do so by registering it as a trademark.

Let your trademark grow!


Trademark protection for the pharmaceutical industry requires specific expertise. From in-depth searches, including pharma in-use studies and WHO, to registration strategies, locally and worldwide. Click here to see what we can do for you.

We believe that a personal approach is essential in our profession. To fully understand your concerns, wishes or questions, we need to liaise with you. Details that often only emerge during personal contact can decide the strategy to be chosen. Together with you we will draw up a step-by-step plan and an overview of the costs. As soon as we have your green light, we get started. It goes without saying that we will keep you informed at all stages of the process. Once a project has been completed, we remain in touch with you. Trademarks are anything but static; they live and grow with your company. We will make sure that your trademark rights develop along with you. And that you can rely on the very best trademark protection.

To know more about how we work, our fees and what our network entails, click here.


Would you like more information about protecting your trademark?


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